Happy Health Information Professionals (HIP) Week 2022 SCHIMA Members!

April 18-22, 2022

If your schedule has been anything like mine for the past eight months, then I applaud you for hanging in there! It seems like schedules have gotten even busier lately. As AHIMA’s mission states, we are empowering people to impact health. As board members of SCHIMA, we have advocated on behalf of South Carolinians for a National Patient Identifier and for a bill that would help that would assist with integrated networks in communities to address social needs.  As individual board members, each one of us works full-time within healthcare, education, government, or consulting. I would like to take a moment as the 2021-2022 President to thank the board for the work as HIPs and for their work as volunteers in SCHIMA.

Now I would like to thank you SCHIMA Members for your work as HIPs or future HIPs. Thank you for ensuring that our records are safe, private, accurate, and available. Thank you for ensuring that our doctor’s visits, surgeries, and hospital stays are coded accurately and billed accordingly. Thank you for the queries to clinicians when the documentation is not clear enough. Thank you for the health data analysts and health informatics professionals for ensuring the C Suite knows the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are precise and represent what is needed to make good decisions. Thank you to the consultants who fill in the gaps for us, assist with external audits, or provide the education we need. Lastly, thank you to the educators for teaching the up-and-coming HIP rock stars of the future, without you our field would be facing a slow death of attrition.

SCHIMA would like to know what you are doing to celebrate HIP Week. Please submit your pictures to socialmedia@schimahima.org all week. We will be giving out gift cards for the best pictures, and posting everyone’s pictures on our Facebook page.


Tiffany Ortiz, RHIT, CCS, CCS-P
SCHIMA President