Count Down to HIP Week! 8 Days

Click here to download this HIP Week presentation to help you prepare, celebrate and educate our workplaces and communities on the important work we do. This year marks the 31st Annual HIP Week, March 22-28, 2020

The year’s theme, “Connecting People, Systems, and Ideas” is a perfect fit for our state association’s #Stronger Together initiative this year.  We are everywhere in healthcare in almost every setting imaginable. It’s easy to lose sight of our interconnectedness as we expand our footprint with the health information and technology explosion.

No matter where we are or what we do, our common commitment is ensuring the integrity and quality of health data  and information .  We are also bound together by a common Code of Ethics.  Let’s continue to support one another and build a strong state advocacy program.

Now, through HIP week, we will have weekly scavenger hunts/trivia contests with prizes awarded!  These will be published in in our Friday E-Alerts. Have you browsed our web-site or Facebook page lately?  These trivia question answers will be found on either on our official web-site, official Facebook page or our SC Engage Community.

Week 5 Trivia Question Winner: 

As everyone has been preoccupied and preparing for the pandemic, we did not receive any answers by our deadline. This week’s special prize will be offered to our students and may be applied to your PPE credit per your program’s guidelines. We want to encourage student involvement.

Week 5 Trivia Question was:
SCHIMA  provides governance at the state level with your 5 delegates representing South Carolina at the AHIMA ___________. Our delegates are active in state and national legislative advocacy efforts on behalf of our members and our profession. 

Congratulations to Karen Grant, Associate of Science in HIM

Answer:  House of Delegates
Week 6 Trivia Question is:

What is the theme and location of our 2020 SCHIMA Annual Meeting?